Lashyz Threading

Lashyz Threading

At Lashyz we offer the following Threading services:

  • Threading Neck
  • Threading Brows
  • Threading Upper Lip
  • Threading Forehead
  • Threading Cheeks
  • Threading Chin
  • Threading Full Face

Threading is done using a thin, twisted cotton thread. This thread is rolled over areas of unwanted hair, and the thread effectively plucks the hair out at the follicle. Threading is much faster than plucking, as it can remove an entire row of hair in one go, resulting in a straighter line or straighter edges.

Regular threading treatments eventually cause damage to the hair follicle, causing much finer and slower growth of new hair.

If there is hair removal you would like to discuss, you’re welcome to contact Bobbie at Lashyz for a free, private consulation. We’d love to do our part in helping you feeling more confident, happy and beautiful.

Pre-appointment Information

Please remove all makeup, including eye makeup, before your appointment.